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Packaging - Key to Success
The right packaging and labeling is a key component in the success of your private label products. There are a number of considerations and options related to selecting labeling and packaging.

Bulk Products
Life Root can supply many skin care products in bulk. This allows customers to make packaging decisions independent of the design and preparation process. Note that products which set, such as face creams and skin creams, must usually be packaged by Life Root at time of preparation.

Stock Containers
Life Root can supply any of our products in our private label stock containers. (see above picture) These containers have been pre-selected for their suitability and durability, and have been used successfully for many years in our wholesale and retail business.

Label Design
Label design and printing is managed directly by customers.  We can also direct you to our graphic designer, who designed both the LIfe Root Healing and Finally Pure and Natural Body Care designs.

Government Label Guidelines
For Canadian label guidelines, please see the following web site:

For US label guidelines, please see the following web site:

French for Labels
Mask: masque purifiante
Witch hazel: same as English
Scrub: exfoliante revitalisante
Cleanser & Toner:  clarifiant et tonifiant
Face Cream: crème pour le visage
Under Eye Cream: crème contour des yeux
Massage Oils: huile de bain/huile a massage
Mouth Wash: rince-bouche herbal
Body Lotions: crème pour les et le corps

Stock Label/Container Sizes
This is the maximum size, in inches, for each container:
W = width (wraps around the container)
L = length (the height of the container)


15.9oz/473 ml  
clear PET bottle with white disc cap
W 7 3/4 x L 5 1/2 

clear PET bottle with white disc cap or black pump
W 6 x L 4 1/2

clear PET bottle with black disc cap or white mister
W 6 x L 2 1/4

Straight sides, frosted, double wall construction  made from PP/PS plastics 
comes with a white dome lid and dust cover. 

1/2oz/15ml jar
W 6 1/4 x L 3/4

1oz/30ml jar
W 6 3/4 x L 1

W 7 1/4 L 1 1/4

W 9 x L 1 3/4

Label Application
Life Root can apply labels to containers at time of preparation. Note that since our products are handmade, we also apply labels by hand. As such, any labels that we apply must conform to standard, and must be pre-approved. In particular, labels must varnished to avoid damage from oil based products, and labels must be easily pealed from backing with precut breaks. Please contact us beforehand if you have any questions.
Customer Supplied Containers
Customers may select their own containers and send them to us, prior to product preparation, for filling). There are a huge variety of packaging suppliers and packaging types, and we encourage customers to identify the best packaging for their market.

Container Selection Considerations
Customers should provide us with a sample container prior to making a commitment to ensure suitability.  We suggest that all creams and scrubs be packaged in double walled plastic containers or glass containers, both for durability in shipping and because they contain essential oil. Oil-based products should be in colored plastics or colored glass to filter UV and extend shelf life. Products with large amounts of essential oils should be packaged in suitable plastic or glass containers. The use of customer supplied containers may require slightly larger minimum orders; however minimum order quantities will remain lower than competitive suppliers, and small orders are welcomed.

Container Storage
Life Root can store customer's containers  at our location for safekeeping and quicker order fulfillment usually at no extra charge.
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